Case Studies

5G is already preparing for its deployment in the market through the development of new scenarios of employment and use, where the feasibility of the technology applied to specific solutions is put to the test.


Remote Surgeon

The project “Remote surgeon” combines the characteristics of telestration applied to the surgical tele-assistance through the adaptation of an operating room with 5G technology for a specialist surgeon to guide without being physically present and in real time to the surgeon who is operating in the operating room. Telecare is possible thanks to the reduction of the latency that the 5G allows since it makes the operation transmit in real time and without delays. To achieve this goal, the Optimus operating room at the Hospital Clínic has been adapted, an integrated robotic and digital operating theater that incorporates technologies such as big data or intelligent lighting, so that it is possible to include the AIS Channel technological solution that registers, in a format audiovisual, everything that happens in the operating room and from all possible angles, and sends this information to the outside in real time for the attending surgeon to have available all the possible data of the patient’s condition.

Likewise, Vodafone has transformed the current operating room into a ‘wireless’ operating room, which will make it possible to optimize latency between the connected elements of the operating room and the Smartphone or Tablet device. The design of a streaming solution that allows live broadcasting in high quality and low latency is also planned, and a cloud environment will be created to store all the generated video safely. With this telemedicine technique, it will also be possible to carry out remote training, since the training surgeon and his team will be able to monitor the implementation of these procedures remotely. In this way, the technique involves a real democratization of knowledge and advances in surgery. In addition, this technology will allow to extend this project globally, which represents a radical change in the way of transferring medical knowledge.

Partners: Vodafone, AIS Channel, Hospital Clínic and 5G Barcelona

Sector: Sanitary (Telemedicine)

Use case: Telecare in remote surgical operations in real time using 5G technology

Status: Finished