5GBarcelona: the 5G hub in southern Europe

An open and global initiative to create a digital hub for the validation and adoption of 5G technologies in a real city environment.

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A neutral laboratory
A global strategy
An inclusive initiative
A public-private alliance
A 5G digital hub

“We have the opportunity and the responsibility to anticipate the future”

Carlos Grau

Mobile World Capital Barcelona Director
Vertical applications

The potential of 5G offers a wide range of applications in diverse sectors. 5G Barcelona has started its activity working in 4 of them.


The low latency of 5G allows a change of paradigm in traffic and security


Health systems will have an ally in 5G to improve care and emergency responses.


5G-enabled multimedia content distribution will bring a revolution of entertainment and culture, especially in fields such as augmented reality

Industry 4.0

5G applications will open the door to new opportunities for the economy of production.

Sergi Figuerola

Director of technology and innovation i2CAT

“The Internet is global, so we must try to include everyone who can provide knowledge, anticipate the future and see how this technology can change a city”


Barcelona gathers the necessary assets and players to cover the entire value chain of an open laboratory for 5G technologies: research, innovation, testing and application.

“This project will create new economic activities, so from the Government of Catalonia we will support it as much as we can.”

Jordi Puigneró

Generalitat de Catalunya
The great alliance

5G Barcelona bets on an inclusive and neutral public collaboration

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