Case Studies

5G is already preparing for its deployment in the market through the development of new scenarios of employment and use, where the feasibility of the technology applied to specific solutions is put to the test.


Immersive reality in sports

Thanks to 360º cameras installed at various points at the Camp Nou, a Virtual Reality system and the 5G network, viewers can teleport to the Camp Nou and live an immersive experience in real-time. The pilot turned the Camp Nou into the first football stadium with dedicated 5G standard coverage and connected MWC19 Barcelona live with a FC Barcelona training session.

Partners: MWCapital, GSMA, Telefónica, FCB.

Sector: Media and Entertainment

Use case: Immersive experience at the Camp Nou in real-time

Description of technology: 

The deployment provided the Camp Nou with permanent 5G coverage in the stands and on the pitch, using Telefónica’s commercial band and a standard Ericsson 3GPPP network. During the pilot project, several 360º video cameras, connected by 5G, transmitted live images from the stadium, as well as exclusive contents from a training session of FC Barcelona at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gàmper.

The 5G technology facilitates the upload of video streams between 30 Mbps and up to 200 Mbps for the qualities of 360º in 4k. A streaming server placed in the Edge – closer to the users – allows multiple spectators with 360º glasses to immerse themselves in the best experience that exists today to enjoy a sporting event from a mobile device.

Main solution or advance offered by technology:

The placement of 360º cameras without the need for cables in different places of the Camp Nou allows an immersive experience to be transmitted to any spectator who is at home. Thanks to Virtual Reality glasses, the spectator can watch the game from “La Llotja”, next to the goal, near the benches or, in short, choose the point of view they want at any time, watching and listening to the match as if it were in the field.

This pilot reflects how the technology industry is diversifying into new sectors, becoming increasingly relevant. With immersive reality, spectators experience sports differently, and fans will have unprecedented access, experiencing unique moments by being able to customize their experiences from any angle in 360º.

Status: Finished