Case Studies

5G is already preparing for its deployment in the market through the development of new scenarios of employment and use, where the feasibility of the technology applied to specific solutions is put to the test.


Deleting Loneliness

Deleting Loneliness is a collaboration platform that allows older people to participate in experiences and activities remotely and to improve their communication with the environment.

Partners: 5G Barcelona, MWCapital, Grup Saltó and Ajuntament de Barcelona 

Sector: Health and Social

Use cases: The pilot aims to combat loneliness and social isolation in older adults. Among others, the following use cases can be mentioned:

  • The user can make the purchase remotely.
  • Collaboration with schools with explanations of the elderly directed to the younger ones.
  • Users participate in discussions on different topics.
  • Users can create a book club to share opinions, DIY together, cook or start a video call.
  • Thanks to an immersive experience, they can visit museums, exhibitions or fairs.
  • Collaboration with the activities of the day center.
  • The user can be treated by his/her doctor from home.

Description of technology:

The Deleting Loneliness project, developed by Cisco in collaboration with NA consists in a videoconference device (CISCO DX80), optimized for very straightforward use, which enables users with health and mobility constraints not only to take part independently in activities such as visiting a museum, belonging to a readers’ club, taking cooking lessons but also to visit the doctor or to contact their grandchildren.

The device incorporates a presence sensor that automatically detects when someone enters the room, wakes up, and provides instructions to start using the device. Each device is personalized to suit personal preferences and tastes. These interests are used to create chat groups with other users (virtual conferencing rooms).

The project integrates portable technologies with 5G and Cisco’s virtual conferencing platform (Webex Teams), which can be entered using a single button. This solution is designed for older persons who live alone or for groups of older persons who live in homes.

Main solution or advance offered by technology:

The novelty lies in the focus on usability and simplicity for older persons, integrated cybernetic security and privacy (which allows the sharing of personal information), an immersive experience based on 5G. In addition, 5G technology allows high-quality videoconferences, minimal delay, and the participation of multiple users in these videoconferences.

Status: Finished