Case Studies

5G is already preparing for its deployment in the market through the development of new scenarios of employment and use, where the feasibility of the technology applied to specific solutions is put to the test.


5G Railway Lab

The 5G Railway Lab project deploys one of the world’s first railway facilities with 5G coverage between the Plaza España and Europa Fira (FCG) stations.

Partners: 5G Barcelona, ​​Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), Generalitat de Catalunya, MWCapital and Vodafone

Sector: Mobility and Smart Cities

Use cases: 5G technology in railway facilities in the city of Barcelona

Description of technology:

The 5G Railway Lab project consists of the deployment of 5G coverage in a railway section of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) network, specifically in the section that runs from Plaza España station to Europa Fira. This space will be a 5G railway laboratory with two objectives. On the one hand, explore industrial solutions, railway mobility, and logistics and the management and control of passenger and freight movements. On the other hand, to seek out and test disruptive solutions that have a direct impact on FGC users and help to improve their experience on a functional and entertainment level.

This will make it possible to develop, firstly, improvements to internal railway processes and, secondly, to contribute to improved customer experience through the implementation of real-time information systems, the personalization of multimedia entertainment or an increase in the capacity of remote assistance to passengers and applications for the end-user. In the future, the aim is to extend this 5G infrastructure throughout the FGC network.

5G coverage is available at the FGC stations of Plaza España, Magòria-La Campana, Ildefons Cerdà, and Europa Fira, with coverage on the platforms and tunnel (the first tunnel connected with the 5G network in Europe) and the halls of the departure and arrival stations.

Main solution or advance offered by technology:

Thanks to the main characteristics of 5G technology, we consider that it will be a key element in making a qualitative leap in rail services.

Status: Finished