Case Studies

5G is already preparing for its deployment in the market through the development of new scenarios of employment and use, where the feasibility of the technology applied to specific solutions is put to the test.


5G First Responders

‘5G First Responders’ aims to improve attention in medical emergencies during the first moments, a key time to save lives and prevent serious injuries. During the pilot test, a policeman attended a medical emergency in the street by connecting in real-time with a doctor located in Parc Taulí hospital in Sabadell.  

Partners: Mobile World Capital, Consorci Sanitari del Parc Taulí, Cisco, Orange, and Ericsson  

Collaborators: Sabadell City Council and the Government of Catalonia  

Sector: Health and Healthcare, Emergencies

Use case: 5G technology for emergencies 

Description of technology:  

The pilot test consists of a situation where a child simulates suffering an epileptic seizure on the street. The first person to attend him is a local policeman who initiates the care procedure upon connecting with paediatric emergencies at Parc Taulí hospital through a devide equipped with a camera that can be used to share images in real time. He is therefore able to receive instructions from the doctor, who gives instructions on how to provide primary care and stabilise teh patient.  

The connection between the policeman and the pediatrician is made with the RealWear HMT device (which fits on the head and allows for sharing of high-quality video. It is, moreover, voice-operated, which leaves the policeman or policewoman’s hands free to help the patient), together with the “Expert On-Demand” communication application from Cisco (a software client based on WebexTeams – Android SDK 1.0).  

The “Expert On Demand” service running on the HMT device initiates a video call, during which the video transmission allows the remote physician to see through the agent’s eyes and provide immediate assistance. The device also allows for the sharing of graphical information, including data represented on maps and annotations about the images the officer is sending.  

The pilot relies on the Orange network with Ericsson’s 5G technology, with commercial 5G radio and core equipment on NSA (non-stand alone) technology in the 3.5Hz band that complies with the 3GPPP standard. This innovative use case is part of Ericsson’s collaboration with Orange that began in late 2018 as part of the 5G pilots in Barcelona.  

Main solution or advance offered by the technology:  

The use of this solution with 5G technology allows the transmission of high-quality images and processed data in a few milliseconds. It combines the collaboration software, hardware, and 5G network to optimize the first care, and has a great impact on health, emergencies, and security since it allows a fast and effective response in the care of people in critical condition.  

Status: Finished