Case Studies

5G is already preparing for its deployment in the market through the development of new scenarios of employment and use, where the feasibility of the technology applied to specific solutions is put to the test.


5G Emotional Robot

Misty II is a small personal robot capable of moving and interacting with the user. It is equipped with a camera, microphone, sensors, two processors, and an Android operating system.

Partners: 5G Barcelona, MWCapital, Saltó Group, and Barcelona City Council

Sector: Health and Social

Use cases: This pilot tests, among others, the following use cases:

  • The robot offers conversation, can ask if the person complies with the daily habits and status (medication, food, drink) and asks questions to assess their state.
  • The robot can follow the person and look for him/her.
  • Possibility of connection with health professionals through videoconferences.
  • Activation of services for the elderly when necessary through SOM
  • It shows that the robot can send information that will help experts analyze the person’s cognitive status through language.

Description of technology:

Misty II is a personal robot on 5G technology capable of moving and interacting with the user to provide support to the elderly. It has a camera, microphone, sensors, two processors, and an Android operating system that recreates a platform for care, support, and supervision for the elderly in the form of a sensitive robot. It can also send information to help analyze the person’s cognitive condition based on the interaction through language.

The robot works thanks to the SOM platform, completely scalable and integrable, as it takes advantage of cloud computing using the latest technology. The application can be used for support and other services via web and mobile. Thus, medical services, emergency services or maintenance services can be managed in any territory because the solution is multilingual

During 2020, a pilot is executed to test the impact of the project carried out by 5G Barcelona, ​​MWCapital, Grup Saltò, and the Barcelona City Council, in addition to the collaboration of the i2CAT Foundation and The Institute of Robotics for Dependency Foundation, in which It is intended to test the solution in 10 homes.

Specific cases of use related to medication, mental health, safety, and socialization are evaluated. The pilot users will be 12 elderly people (people aged 65 with a good degree of mental and physical autonomy, who live alone and have a minimum capacity to use technical devices, such as mobile phones)

Main solution or advance offered by technology:

The use of 5G technology enables the robot to perform different actions with the aim of controlling and improving the health status of the person it accompanies. Thus, the robot has data to carry out an evaluation and can connect with external agents when necessary.

Status: Finished